It's hard to buy a suit | It's harder to get a suit

It's hard to buy suit. It's harder to get fitted suit


Have you encountered these problems?

As the saying goes, people rely on clothing and Buddha rely on gold; suits and shirts have become the standard dress of modern society and are essential for most; however, despite the many choices of hard work, it is still difficult to buy A fitted suit and shirt! The reason is nothing more than the following.

Reality shopping phobia

Fear of too many people shopping in the mall, noisy environment; fear of over-enthusiasm or bad attitude of shop assistants; fear of an item that is too expensive without knowing or forgetting to bargain; nor how to shop around.

Difficulty choosing styles

No matter whether it is real shopping or online shopping; most of them are single styles and monotonous; the style is uniform, and the chance of hitting a shirt is very high.

Severe misfit

The clothes I buy always don't fit. Either it is too tight or too loose; it is either too long or too short. If it is some special body, such as big belly, high and low shoulders, slip shoulders, etc., it is even more difficult to buy clothes.

Cheap fabric rough

The fabric of the clothes is inferior and cheap, and the workmanship is rough at the low end; the temperament is like heavy metal in the countryside, making people want to cry without tears. Good fabrics can wear texture; good fabrics can wear temperament; good fabrics can wear taste.

Difficult to buy clothes | hurry to find the gentleman

It's hard to buy clothes. Look for SENDO.

  • Free customization for one lifetime

Free customization for one lifetime

You can enjoy complete after-sale service in Shendu clothing. All the clothes customized in Shendu can enjoy one-time customization and free modification service for life. Little friends no longer have to worry about the problem of out-of-fitting clothes caused by body changes.

  • Old tailor personally serves as a custom consultant

Old tailor personally serves as a custom consultant

Fit and fit is the key to customizing clothing. Shendu clothing customization, all experienced veteran tailors as customization consultants, provide professional customization consultation and tailor-made services for free, and personally operate the tailoring; it is true to achieve precise tailoring and delicate tailoring.

  • Shendu suit and shirt fabric introduction

Shendu suit and shirt fabric introduction

Fabrics are the soul of suit customization and shirt customization. Shendu Clothing cooperates with domestic and foreign high-quality fabric suppliers such as Italian Mazzoni, Cerruti, Vindale, British Dihao, Shijiabao, Duomei, Shandong Lutai, etc., it really does: good clothes, good use material.

  • Shendu clothing equipment and accessories

Shendu clothing equipment and accessories

Guangzhou Shendu Clothing Co., Ltd. has various imported equipment from Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries, and uses various high-quality imported accessories. Really strive for excellence in equipment, accessories and other aspects; and become an important cornerstone of successful clothing customization.


Completely solve the problem of difficulty in buying suits

Gentry has imported professional equipment such as sewing machines, various special machines, ironing equipment, etc .; in terms of accessories, selected high-end accessories such as German horses interlining, Coats sewing thread, German Hysa shoulder pads, German Bidford felt; the fabrics are mainly made by Italy MARZONI, CERRUTI 1881, Ermenegildo Zegna, REDA, VBC, British SCABAL, HOLLAND SHERRY, Dormeuil, and domestic Lu Thai. Really do fine work, select materials. The old tailor personally serves as a customization consultant, and provides the most professional customized consulting and tailor-made services free of charge. The tailoring is also performed by the old tailor; it is true to achieve precise tailoring and delicate tailoring. In Shendu clothing, a set of finished suits needs to go through more than 300 refining processes, and the real details determine the quality. All the custom-made clothing in the gentry, whether it is a suit, shirt, or other clothing, can enjoy free modification service for life, no longer have to worry about clothes that are not suitable for body changes.

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Serve the elite team to create a first-class corporate image

Gento Group Custom

The corporate image is becoming more and more important for modern enterprises, and uniform dress will undoubtedly greatly help the corporate image; and the professional wear on the market, most of the low-end fabrics, rough technology, and most of the size are not fit, such professional wear as Uniform corporate uniforms, on the contrary, damage corporate image. If it is an industry that has very high requirements on the dress code of employees, such as finance, securities, lawyers, consulting and other industries, it will not even tolerate unsuitable and low-cost professional attire. Therefore, the majority of customers choose Shendu clothing groups to customize.

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Custom group clothing, do you also encounter these problems?

Guangzhou Shendu Clothing Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. As a clothing company specializing in work clothes and professional tailoring; since its inception, the company has gathered a large number of senior fashion designers, clothing tailors, and clothing tailors who have been in the clothing industry for more than 20 years.

After years of hard work, Shendu clothing started from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan and other cities in the Pearl River Delta. Nowadays, its customers have spread all over the country and have been well received by customers.

Company address: No. 23 Liulian Road, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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Why choose Shendu

Flexible production, no MOQ

With imported high-end equipment and professional and technical personnel, process reengineering enables flexible production, great flexibility, no minimum order quantity, and small order customization. We are also professional.

Single version, fit and fit

Carefully selected old tailors as customized consultants, free on-site service, communicate style details, and guide fabric selection; single-person single version, highly welcomed renderings to ensure beauty; precise tailoring, delicate tailoring, and fit.

More than 300 refining processes

In Shendu clothing, a set of finished suits needs to go through more than 300 refining processes and control every layer to ensure that we provide you with high-quality clothing customization.

Free lifetime service

24 hours a year round service; fast feedback, timely communication, and prompt resolution of problems; two-year warranty, during the warranty period, any quality problems, free replacement or redo, and any size problems, free modification; after the warranty period, For those who need to modify due to body changes, free service for life.


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