Guangzhou has been a major supplier of domestic apparel industry since ancient times, as well as a major processing location for foreign apparel. Because of this, clothing factories are everywhere in Guangzhou; not only that, Guangzhou has also developed one of the world's densest clothing wholesale market communities. So where is the Guangzhou clothing factory concentrated?

Because clothing factories are not like wholesale clothing, they need to have very large cluster advantages. Of course, this does not mean that garment factories do not necessarily need clusters. For example, there are many garment factories in Panyu and Xintang in Guangzhou. Another example: the villages of the generation of leisure, Haijiang, Lujiang, Dunhe, Houyi, Lijiao, Shixi, Datang, Longtan, Ruibao, Tuhua; North Station, Gangbei Road, Tongdewei, Baiyun District, Luochongwei, Xinshi, Jingtai, Xia Mao, Huangshi, Xiaoping, Jiangxia, Jiahe generation villages; Panyu Li Village, Dashi, Nancun, etc .; and there are many clothing factories near Foshan Nanhai and Fangcun Datansha.

However, because clothing factories are more concerned about the labor costs of workers, there are still more clothing factories scattered in various corners of Guangzhou, especially some suburban towns; basically, there are clothing in every area of Guangzhou. Silhouette of factory.

Therefore, if you are looking for a clothing factory in Guangzhou, it is best to find a lot of Guangzhou clothing factories through the Internet, such as major map apps. In addition, you can also use B2B platforms such as Alibaba. Due to the rapid development of the Internet, most factories will now be displayed on the Internet platform. Therefore, through B2B platforms like Alibaba, you can search for most high-quality products. Guangzhou Garment Factory.

Well, we will share here where the Guangzhou Garment Factory is concentrated. If you want to learn more about clothing, you can search our website and I will update it every day!