project description

This page is a custom style chart for the company group. Style Number: Custom Uniform 032. Style description: Men's and women's light blue long-sleeved shirt.

Shendu clothing undertakes all kinds of professional clothing, work clothes, uniforms and other customized business suits, shirts, vests and other custom-made suits; and provides free on-site tailor-made services.

The corporate image is becoming more and more important for modern enterprises, and uniform dress will undoubtedly greatly help the corporate image; and the professional wear on the market, most of the low-end fabrics, rough technology, and most of the size are not fit, such professional wear as Uniform corporate uniforms, on the contrary, damage corporate image. Therefore, more and more customers are choosing gentry clothing groups for customization.

Customized team shirts, customized group shirts, free on-site tailor-made shirts, choose gentleman clothing. Phone: 020-32238792 / 13642314568 (yousheng).